M.Tech in Information Systems & Management

The M.Tech in Information Systems and Management degree is an innovative academic programme to launch careers in information management in diverse organizational settings – corporate, government, academic and others. The iSIM Board of Studies approves the Course Structure.

Click here for “ISiM M.Tech Programme – Detailed Syllabus”

The current course structure is as follows:

Semester 1:

MISM 501

Statistics & Data Analysis

MISM 541

Information Economics

MISM 513

Theories of Information

MISM 515

Information Organization

MISM 521

Foundation of Software systems

MISM 502

Theoretical Foundation of Computing

Semester 2:

MISM 516

Taxonomies, Ontologies and Semantic Web

MISM 532

Content Management and Electronic Publishing

MISM 522

Information Systems Design and Development

MISM 524

Internet Technologies

Semester 3:

MISM 621

Data Mining and Data Warehousing

MISM 623

Information Retrieval Systems

MISM 625

Human Computer Interactions

MISM 643

Program Management & Management Strategies


651 Bio Informatics

652 Geo Informatics

654 Information assurance and security

655 Natural Language processing

656 Multimedia content management

Semester 4:

MISM 642

IPR and Cyber laws


Any two of the following:

657 Information Industry and Entrepreneurship

653 Health Informatics

659 Entreprise Content Management

661 Pattern recognition and image processing

662 Computer Graphics

663 Text Mining

664 Cultural Informatics

668 Multilingual Information Management

665 eGovernance

666 E-Learning

658 Knowledge Management

667 Financial Information System

MISM 690

Major Project