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  What is a Knowledge City?

A society which develops in parallel with knowledge development is termed a “Knowledge Society”. The by products of knowledge development, that go through the stages of knowledge creation, dissemination and utilization form the core of “Knowledge Economy”. A knowledge city therefore, becomes a geographical area with an expanding knowledge society, and with knowledge as a strong pillar of its economy.

A Knowledge City may be defined as a city that nurtures knowledge, possesses an economy that is knowledge based, provides an environment that fosters knowledge creation and dissemination. The creation of a knowledge economy starts with reconstruction of cities and urban settlements which can act as knowledge hubs. This requires major revamping and strengthening of key constituents that make a knowledge city. A knowledge city instills a sense of ownership and attachment in the minds of people as it actively involves them in the developmental activities and allows for public articulation of thoughts and criticisms. In other words, the citizens of the city become active stakeholders in its development.

Francisco Javier Carrillo (author of the book Knowledge Cities: Approaches, Experiences and Perspectives) indicates that there are sixty-five such urban development initiatives in progress around the world.

One of the well known knowledge city endeavours is that of Barcelona, which was awarded the Most Admired Knowledge Metropolis Region in 2009. Other popular knowledge cities, which have shown tremendous progress in terms of urban, economic, and social development include Dublin, Manchester, and Melbourne.

The concept of Knowledge City though being a familiar term in Western countries is merely interpreted in the Indian society as a geographical concentration of Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s) and I.T. Companies. This has led to the development of various ― “Knowledge City” areas, which merely consist of various knowledge based and knowledge intensive industries. However, one needs to realize that the SEZ’s, I.T. companies and the other industries, are an integral part of the city of knowledge, and by themselves do not constitute a Knowledge City.

In all, knowledge cities are regions, which focus on specialized knowledge based development, for the overall development of the city/region.


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