International School of Information Management

University of Mysore


ISiM Development Dialogue


March 11, 2009

Time 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM


“Knowledge is power.  Information is empowering”


Development Dialogues is a series of small group interactive sessions to understand the different dimensions and challenges of development, especially from the perspective of transformative potential of data for development and democracy.


Our objective is to have interactive sessions with a small group of people, led by some visiting scholars and policy makers and implementers of ‘development programmes’. These Development Dialogues are meetings based on 3D (Discussion, Dialogue, and Discourse) Models of information exchange.


ISiM is an institute envisioned to prepare professionals to design, develop and evaluate information systems deploying Information and Communication Technologies. Our mission is to train students in the development and deployment of Information and Communication Technologies for the development of individuals and society.


An initiative called, WikiGyan – Data for decision making, democracy and development is currently underway at ISiM. WikiGyan is an effort to build both tools and systems for data management, data analytics, and visualisation. Huge amounts of data is generated and collected by the governments, non governmental organisations, academic and other organisations, across societal issues – elections, health, literacy, etc. WikiGyan facilitates the management of such societal data for development.


The Development Dialogue scheduled for March 11, at 3.00 PM will have the following two scholars* , in addition to a small group of eminent scholars and thought leaders such as Prof. V.K.Natraj, Prof. P.K.Mishra, Prof. Umapathi, Mr. Manivannan, Deputy Commissioner of Mysore,  and others who will be interacting and debating.


Dr. Jessica Wallack


Dr. Jessica Wallack is Director of the Centre for Development Finance and Professor, Institute for Financial and Management Research. Her work focuses on the factors that create successful partnerships and dialogue between entrepreneurs, NGOs, corporations, and governments. Current projects include research on the politics and economics of private participation in infrastructure development in India and Latin America as well as evaluation and design of various e-governance technologies for local governments in India. She is also working on several projects on generation and dissemination of development data, and especially on data's potential role in supporting activism and local government performance. Dr. Wallack holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a B.A. from Harvard University.


Ms. Shannon Spanhake


Ms. Shannon Spanhake is Senior Researcher at Centre for Development Finance. She was recently named Grace Hopper's "Top 100 Women Innovating Science and Technology" and was rewarded with a NextEarth Fellowship after reaching the semi-finalist round in the Buckminster Fuller Inventor's competition. Her research investigates the transformative potential for technology to enable policy discourse by providing access and legibility to information through alternate modes of articulation in the production of knowledge. Spanhake serves as a technology adviser to the Ministry of the Environment and the Department of Energy in Peru, the IDA of Singapore, and is collaborating with Science agencies in both Nigeria and the UK.