ISiM Special Lecture (7)  


Strategy and Innovation Management




 Mr. Jatin H. Desai


 The DeSai Group



Date and Time

June 09, 2009: 3:30 PM



ISiM Lecture Hall-1



Abstract of the Talk:

Title : Strategic Innovation Management


workshop program to help develop a climate and culture that fosters innovation


Workshop design 

Organizations committed to innovation needs to create an innovative climate that focuses on what customers want for sustainable growth. Organizations have a tremendous opportunity to harvest and leverage the hearts and minds of their employees and create this environment. Many leaders are unprepared to manage innovation because they do not know:


      What is innovation specifically in the context of the current business environment?
      How to use innovation to achieve business priorities?
      What is the discipline to create innovation capacity?
      Where to apply innovation vs other organizational methods?
      How to enable the creative talents of teams?
      How to channel and manage the innovation process?
      How to create a culture of support for new ideas , future jobs and roles ?