ISiM Special Lecture (5)



Next Generation Information Access 



 Dr. Mark T. Maybury

Executive Director

Information Technology Division

The MITRE Corporation


Abstract of the talk


The International School of Information Management (ISiM), University of Mysore had organized a special lecture by Dr. Mark T. Maybury Executive Director,of Information Technology Division, The MITRE Corporation, USA.  University at Buffalo, State University of New York on 24th of January 2009 at 3.30 p.m. at the ISiM premises.


This presentation overviews the state of the art in the technology areas of information retrieval, summarization, information extraction, text clustering and question answering.  We report summary performance of systems and identify current commercial products that provide this type of processing. Key findings include:


  • automated systems exist that can return documents relevant to a particular subject with around 80% precision but low recall
  • automated query and relevance feedback is near human performance
  • systems can presently identify entities at over 90% accuracy and relations among entities at 70-80% accuracy.
  • Automatic real-time translation of source documents to gist quality targets in many languages
  • systems can summarize documents to 20% of their source size without information loss, saving users 50% of task time
  • systems  can also respond to a simple factual question by returning answers from relevant documents at 75% accuracy. 
  • We conclude describing key lessons learned such as seeking solutions that are useful, usable, user customizable, and open. read more...