Sponsored Projects


  • Vidyanidhi Phase 2 - 2005-2008 INR 1,75,00,000/- [USD 400,000].

  • How Technology Professionals Work Project - A collaborative Study Project between University of Tennessee, USA and University of Mysore, India, Sponsored by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), June 2005-March 2006. [USD 3500].

  • Vidyanidhi- Digital Library and E-Scholarship Portal, supported by The Ford Foundation, 2003-2006, [INR 77,55,000.00]

  • Vidyanidhi- Microsoft -Unicode Implementation for Indic Scripts, 2003-2004 sponsored by Microsoft Corporation,  [INR 12,50,000.00].

  • Mysore University Library Automation Project, sponsored by the University of Mysore, 2002-2004, [INR 5,50,000.00].

  • Vidyanidhi: Indian Digital Library of Electronic Theses, an Initiative sponsored by NISSAT, Govt. of India 2000-2002.[INR 13,75,000.00]

  • Sasyasiri: Web enabled Multi Media Database of Plants of Karnataka, sponsored by Govt. of Karnataka 2000 - 2002, sponsored by Govt. of Karnataka [INR 5,00,000.00].

  • Hyper CAL: Hypermedia based Computer Aided Learning package, sponsored by UGC 1995 - 1998 sponsored by UGC.[INR 2,40,000.00].

  Consultancy Projects


  • Education Development Center (EDC) dot-EDU Digital Library of Audio Visual Educational Materials, December 2004 - March 2006.
    [INR 2,00,000.00]

  • UNESCO Guidelines for digitization and e- publishing in Asian countries
    sponsored by UNESCO. [INR 7,55,000.00]

  • UN4IM:UNESCO Training Programme for Asia-Pacific Information Professionals, 2005-2006, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (iiit-b). [USD 25,000]

  • Developing E-Learning module for Digital Libraries sponsored by UNESCO
    [INR 1,25,000.00]

  • UNESCO- International Guide for ETDs; sponsored by UNESCO, [INR 5,00,000.00]