MISM 532 - Content Management and Electronic Publishing


      Course Instructor : Prof. Shalini R. Urs

Course Description


The course is oriented across creation and management of e-content. The course discusses information architecture and mark-up languages as a means to design, relate and compose documents for the web. The course equips students to (a) plan and design web-based content based on information architecture (b) utilize mark-up languages for text and graphic presentation (c) manage content formatting with style

sheets. The electronic publishing focus on (a) Understanding the fundamental concepts of XML and related technologies (b) Acquire knowledge on how XML is currently being used in various application areas. (c) Understand the syntactic and semantical aspects of XML documents (d) Know how to parse and transform XML documents via tools and through programming APIs (e) Have some exposure on XML activities in e-publishing areas (f) Develop and deploy content management systems developed on Drupal and Joomla Systems.


Course Outline


  • Content types. Document genres. Digital document genres.
  • Information Architecture - Organization, labeling, navigation, searching metadata
  • Information Architecture - Process and Methodology - Research, strategy, design and documentation


Text Book


    Content Management Bible by Bob Boiko


Few Links on


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