MISM 516 - Taxonomies, Ontologies and Semantic Web


Course Description


      The internet has brought forth with it, the tools to publish and create information. This can be seen in the phenomenal popularity of blogs, wiki and other user driven content media, on account of which  there has been high information overload. Information retrieval would be much easier in the over crowded web, if the information is integrated intelligently, where the meaning of the page is stated explicitly. This is called as Semantic Web. Taxonomies and Ontologies would in turn facilitate the definition markups in building up the Semantics. A Semantic web would facilitate the integration and communication between the various widgets available online and makes web searching more intelligent.


Course Outline


  • Knowledge Organization Systems Term Lists; Classification and categorization systems; Relationship Models
  • Taxonomy Descriptive taxonomies; Navigational taxonomies; Data management vocabulary; Role of taxonomies in content management;Building and maintaining taxonomies
  • Semantic Web Vision
  • Ontology Languages for the Semantic Web RDFS, OWL, OIL and DAML+OIL
  • Ontology Query Languages RDQL, SeRQL
  • Ontology Editing Tools
  • Ontology Inference and Reasoning
  • Ontology Application and techniques


Study Materials